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 Poem by Dr. Bart Rademaker


“I am not worthy, I am not deserving

Countless reason, I say no more”


And I say to Thee:


You are beautiful, beyond your imagination,

One reason, can say it all:


We are born to this world

With all the gifts that we have.

Bountiful are yours if you choose to see

Or hidden away by clouded beliefs.


I can see in you and through you

What is and what is not.

I see your delight, and I see your struggle

Challenging beliefs and imagination alike.


Deserving and undeserving, worthy and unworthy.

Like waves crashing on the beach.

Not sure what is, what to want

Or where to turn, for a reason.


I say:


There is but one reason and one truth

Call it “Love”


I have seen many shores and many souls,

I have searched high and low,

Always finding meaning in all.

I have never seen such pure love as I see in you.


So pure – you can not see you own worthiness.

So grand – you can not see your deserving.

Truthfully turn to your own love and the world is yours.

Embrace its love as you have embraced it.


And know:


True love is here for you

For you are so worthy and so truly deserving.


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