The Day Goes By

The Day Goes By

Poetry by Dr Bart Rademaker

Sitting under my tree;

Lengthening shadows of my thoughts

As night sets in.

The brilliance of the moon

Sprinkles its insight,

As the tear drops collect on the grass.


Everything is recycled.

Death and rebirth to settle the score.

And how shall inspired thoughts become,

As the day breaks;

The glistening of the sun

Giving us life,

As I smile upon my fate.


I am inspired by all that can be and will be!

For the moment to choose is now and for evermore;

Having the courage to move forward.

Rejoice in all the gifts that come your way;

Certain that this is your life to hold.

Awareness in full, trust in all.

Grasp it and you shall be ALIVE!


And rejoice in all the gifts come my way.

And what I give to the world is myself.

As I become the essence of what we all can be

Love, passion, commitment




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